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Welcome to my rather simple, but hopefully enlightening, portfolio website. With a career that started by making the Lawrence Welk website in 1999, you can imagine the large collection of work that has piled up. Click below to learn more about my process and see a collection of items from the last several years. Thanks for stopping by!


In the create phase, it’s time to pull out Photoshop, Sketch, your favorite code editor, a cup of tea and get to work. Although the final deliverables are often finished designs, this phase has lots of iterations as well. Often down to a single pixel level. The small sampling of work listed below is categorized by the project.


Tired of an aging multi product paradigm, my team was tasked with reimagining how our users interact with Webtrends. Through extensive iterative design and user testing, a very flexible visual and interactive language was created that allows users to easily understand where they are, and how to interact with what they see, even if they haven’t used the application before.


What if you didn’t have to login to your computer to find out real time updates to your website traffic and Webtrends proactively let you know something was worth looking at? That was the idea I used to create the concept of “Herald” – an app that you install on your phone to let you know when your chosen metrics are hit on key reports.

McAfee Total Protection

While this is admittedly a bit old (so many gradients!), I list it here due to the complexity involved, and the massive scope of release. ToPS was a product that enabled small businesses the ability to manage their security environment without the need for costly server overhead. Partnering with another designer, we were able to create an entirely new experience, from desktop to server.